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Why You Should Make the Switch to Orthopedic Seat Cushions

Randy Davis — 3 hours 17 minutes ago

Back pain or any kind of orthopedic pain can make life challenging. It’s especially difficult to cope with pain while working a desk job, traveling or doing anything else that requires you to sit all day long. If you’ve been suffering from uncomfortable seating, it’s time you considered purchasing an orthopedic seat cushion.

Our orthopedic pillow is designed to correct body positioning in bed or while lying on any other surface. Its design conforms to orthopedic guidelines to ensure the right placement and support of one or more specific parts of the body to provide safe and healthy rest to the sleeper. Pillows have been traditionally made of foam and fiber, but other types now exist, such as pillows made of memory foam, a heat sensitive material that can acquire the shape of the body lying upon it.

Our multi-purpose orthopedic cushion provides all-natural solution and helps relieve various conditions including sleep apnoea, snoring, insomnia, breathing difficulty, blood circulation problems, acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease, lower back pain, sciatica pain, neck pain, whiplash, rotator cuff injury, amongst others. You need to keep moving and staying active, as much as you don’t want to. Forget the pills and surgery — I have made
this cushion available to the public at a 50% discount, for a limited time only.

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Protect And Heal Your Back And Tailbone Starting Today!

  • Balances the pelvis
  • Relieves pressure on the tailbone, hips, and spine
  • Improves bad posture
  • Has dual-shaped ergonomic design that is highly recommended by orthopedic surgeons

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  • Keith Moreno
    10 Dec 2022

    I like the cushion very much and found that it relieved my sciatic nerve problem. This seat cushion by far has been the best thing ever. I sit all day at work , my lower back started to have pain from sitting, the moment I used this cushion I felt relief on my back. and I wish my hip will become a better shape…I have ordered two more. One for work, another for riding/driving the car and one for home use. I have recommended the product to several friends with the same problem.

  • Ruth Bradley
    12 Nov 2022

    This is the 2nd one I have bought for my daughter. She can’t sit long on hard surfaces and this saved her in college and beyond. Her original has just gotten a little flat so I’m sure she will be thrilled to get a new one!

  • Bryan Harrison
    11 May 2022

    When I purchase cushions I didn’t think it works so great. I am experiencing the benefits of this awesome product! Ah-ha, so this is what a coccyx cushion is supposed to feel like! I use this cushion on my kitchen chair and can now sit through a meal without getting up in extreme pain! This cushion also provides relief when I sit after standing or walking for a period of time. I wish I’d done my research earlier in my recovery! I’m planning on ordering a second one to keep in my car. This is “the one” people! I’m so glad I found this cushion!

  • Zachary Olson
    11 May 2022

    I need a pillow for work. As a daycare teacher I sit on the floor a lot. At 53 my back has been suffering so purchased this to help me for when I sit on the floor with my students. It folds and closes with the use of a button so it is easy to carry with me. It is comfortable but after only a short time isn’t as fluffy as it was. I will continue to use but may purchase another in a few months. Not sure if it is my weight but It is much flatter than I need it to be. Other than that my daughter finds it very comfortable and we all love the color.

  • Jose Wood
    08 May 2022

    I tried to get a picture of my husband using it but he kept giving me the look. Lol. I wasn’t sure exactly how he would react to the pillow hit since he’s been using it in the car and at work his pain while sitting has definitely eased up. Still need weekly chiropractor appointments but this pillow is doing its job when he sits. He says he can feel a difference even using it on our couch but a hard surface to sit on is better and really makes a difference. Definitely recommend and thinking of purchasing a second for my father.

  • Albert Valdez
    5 April 2022

    I purchased this pillow for my husband who has terrible hip/joint pain from a vehicle accident. Since using the pillow, he has less pain & discomfort, and can walk with less difficulty.

  • Nicole Hill
    9 April 2022

    Great feel and comfortable support all day! This cushion allows me to focus on my work for hours at a time, without having to constantly get up because my glutes are getting sore. It was recommended to me by a coworker who suffers from sciatica and also uses a cushion for pain relief. I’ve also used this cushion in my car for long drives (over an hour or two), and it helped significantly with the usual soreness. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who sits for long periods of time in a hard chair (or even a padded one)! This cushion will make your day go by so much better!

  • Wayne Kim
    9 April 2022

    What a funky cushion. It is not that wide and not that deep (front to back). However, I just used it for two 5 hour car trips and my back did not ache at all. Because it is not that deep, it hit the bottoms of my thighs and they were some what uncomfortable. The back support was very good. The instructions which came with the cushion provided the correct arrangement for the cushion. Overall, good results.

  • Henry Ramos
    3 March 2022

    This was perfect! Easy to travel with. Easy to wash cover. I fell on the porch right in my tailbone. It was awful! I ordered because I wasn’t able to sit down and also already had a trip planned to Florida. I used a few days before the trip and on the drive down. It helped so much I was able to enjoy the trip still! I also used it on the way back. An added bonus is my cat really liked it too so if you end up not needing it anymore after healing, it could double as a cat bed.

  • Charles Nelson
    3 March 2020

    I love this cushion. I wish I had bought it much sooner. Just recently started a part time remote job and use this cushion while I sit at my desk. I feel like it puts my back into alignment and definitely keeps me from getting too sore from working.

  • Philip Allen
    7 Jan 2022

    Ordered two of these for us to use on a recent coast to coast flight, as both of us experience numbness/pain after prolonged sitting. They fit into our carry on luggage perfectly and didn’t add a lot of weight. Also I used mine daily once we got to the resort. The cushion worked great for me on the pool lounges as there was a bar immediately under my (chipped/misaligned due to an old fall) tailbone. Overall very happy with this product!

  • Frances Daniels
    7 Jan 2022


  • Deborah Moore
    26 Dec 2021

    I work at home where I am required to sit for most of the day. Obviously, after long hours in any kind of chair, I am aching and sore. However, this cushion is a lifesaver. It is extremely easy to use- just set it on any chair (has fit every size chair I own) for instant comfort.

    It helps me stay productive and has made me overall, a happier person at the end of the day. I know, sounds pretty extreme for a simple cushion, but less pain and soreness really helps!

  • Benjamin Obrien
    22 Dec 2021

    Fast delivery and a product that is 100% as it was described. What is not to like? I’ve used it at home, in the car and at work. Absolutely great in every environment. After using it for a day I’ve ordered another one. I am very glad I ordered it.

  • Brenda Tran
    22 Dec 2021

    This is a great product. My mother is in the nursing home and has hemorrhoids, this has given her the greatest relief. It fits the wheelchair just right. A lot of other cushions we have tried did not fit the wheelchair seat very well and moved around. This stays put and gives the relief we have been looking for.

  • Catherine Diaz
    18 Dec 2021

    Cushion is exactly what I was looking for. It is very comfortable: not too soft, and not to stiff. Looks attractive. Provide excellent cushioning. No sliding on chair surface. Highly recommend. Solved my problem with pain caused by coccyx bone (lower back) resting on uncomfortable chairs. Thank you!

  • Ruth Flores
    14 Dec 2021

    I almost never write reviews but this is one of the best things I’ve ever bought! I’m 8 months pregnant and my tail bone shifted few months back I’m guessing to an old injury. I take this everywhere with me where I know the chairs will be hard. I usually keep it in the car because driving without it is impossible. Reduces all the pressure from my spine so I’m able to sit comfortably.
    I was skeptical thinking that I’ll use it once and toss it somewhere ,but it’s in constant use. It’s very well made and definitely worth the money .

  • Matthew Bowman
    24 Nov 2021

    I was doubtful that a seat cushion about half as thick as the one I had before was going to work. I have bursitis in my hip and this cushion makes driving a pleasure again. This is the best seat cushion I have ever used!

  • Aaron Bradley
    23 Nov 2021

    This product definitely helped me while driving long hours in my dump truck. I plow snow and I needed a cushion on my seat for comfort. It helped a lot. I gave this cushion a four star rating because it didn’t completely take away all the discomfort from driving long hours but it definitely made a huge difference. I’m not sure if any cushion would completely take away all the discomforts of driving long hours. I would definitely recommend this product to someone else.

  • Crystal Valdez
    20 Oct 2021

    I suffer with sciatica on my right side and needed relief when sitting at my desk or in the car. It’s what I need after my chiro appointments to ease the adjustments. This cushion works perfectly. It’s soft enough with just enough support to not create pressure on my lumbar region. Also, I appreciate the nice design.

  • Jonathan Ruiz
    20 Oct 2021

    I really like the pain relief of this cushion. It has made a big difference.

  • Tyler Pena
    05 Oct 2021

    From the moment my husband tried the cushion, he had complete pain relief from his fractured coccyx. He is using it on the chair in front of his computer. The next day I ordered two more – one for his chair in the TV room and one for the car. He is very happy with all three. the only problem is that he has to make sure that the cushion is centered on the car seat so that it does not interfere with attaching his seat belt. We are both very grateful for the relief he has gotten.

  • Cynthia Chapman
    21 August 2021

    I originally bought this for my grandfather who is immobile. He sits in a chair most of the day and was getting sores. It wasn’t expensive though, so I guess if you need one for occasional use it would work.
    The microfiber material is nice though and the design is unique Apart from other types of supports. So I think it’s more suitable for peoples like me

  • Peter Elliott
    30 Apr 2021

    Excellent quality

  • Daniel Simpson
    30 Apr 2021

    This is very comfortable and helps my back while sitting most of the day. Love it! Really firm, stays pretty thick.

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